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Create Your Own Luck

At Grab Your Luck & be a Winner seminar by @BongChandra, there are 2 ‘opening’ talk show with @PritaLaura the famous anchor, and me @salsabeela. Compared to Bong Chandra & Prita Laura, I am nobody. How can I speak in the same seminar with the famous and successful people like them?

Let’s enlarge our view and we could see the organizer of this event: Hakuna Matata. Hakuna Matata products are t-shirt with motivational message in it. I met the owner of Hakuna Matata @dithadoank when I speak at The Urban Mama entrepreneurship  seminar at @america2 months ago.

Usually after I speak, there are people who personally come to me and shoot me with spesific questions about their business. Ditha is one of them. In that 1 or 2 minutes conversation, I told her to bundled her t-shirt with a motivational seminar and closed our short conversation with a message: “Just Action!”. And for her, it’s like a command.

To be honest, I totally forgot we ever met, ’til one day Ditha message me and she said she want me to speak at a seminar she’s going to make. I met a lot of people that I’m trying hard to remember her face and associate with her business. I remember it blurry. We met and chat for only 2 minutes!

Then I finally meet her again yesterday, with bunch of people coming for an event she make for the first time, with 2 great inspirational people: Prita Laura & Bong Chandra, with all her family surround her. I salute her and so proud of her.

While listening to Ditha speak to me with excitement, I try to hold my tears, I’m overwhelmed of how words can move people that far. I told her: “A lot of people come to me for advice, only a few totally act on it. And you’re one of them!” People like her, motivate me to do more and make me realize that all what I’m trying to say all these times are actually heard and indeed matter for others.

She has created her own luck! She make her first move & open the gate of success, to a bigger opportunity.  From this moment on, things will only be better and greater for her & Hakuna Matata!



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