My Style Metamorphosis

People said I’m fashionable, such a hijabi fashion icon, trend setter (that make polem style popular hehe), but I don’t born this way. In fact, a year a go, I don’t even close looking like this. I was 10 kgs overweight & always wear boring & ‘safe’ stuff. After a year, I learned that fashion is more than just a matter of appearance. It’s also would boost your self confidence, make you comfortable with yourself so you’ll be able to focus on inspire people with your vision and insights, make people respect you more, and when people did respect, they will listen to whatever you said.

I also learned that, the key in fashion is confidence to do mix and match. You wear 2 piece of clothes, you’re ok. But when you add extra 2 outfits with you, you’re fab.

Check out my fashion tips here

So, now I’m going show you my style metamorphosis. Losing 10 kgs helps a lot, if you want, you can  ask @LangsingMulus how to do that. But the key is always self confidence.

January 2010, 10 kgs heavier, tanner, standard fashion style, don’t know how to wear makeup properly

May 2010, started losing weight but I don’t realize it. Still wearing my old clothes so it looks baggy.

July 2010, realizing that I lose a lot of weight, start shopping for new clothes and experimenting

September 2010, start to understand the importance of accessories. And this also marking the first time I endorse a fashion brand: Levi’s. Here I found out that I’m now a size 26 of Levi’s jeans (before fitting, I wear a size 33 jeans) :))

February 2011, playing with colors and found out that unique bottom (pants & skirt)  will sealed the deal and nude shoes can never be wrong

April 2011, I learned how to do proper eye makeup for my Chinese eyes :D

May 2011, historical! As I start wearing polem (bangs) style hijab by @CasaElana :)) It makes me look like my (young) age, which is around 16 :p

June 2011, wearing the trend, sensing the trend. I wear stripes and red, even before ELLE mentioning it :p

July 2011, being on fashion spread is beyond my wildest imagination! From total zero to a sort of model, HUGEEE leap for me :D

My journey shows that looks can be altered. You can be pretty or ugly in a snap. So, when choosing a life partner, don’t go just for look. Also don’t leave ’em solely because whatever happened to their physical appearance. Physical things are temporary.

Up ’til now, when I see a ‘plus size store’, I always tempted to come in, because in me, it’s always been that same old simple average girl, only this time, the girl looks a little bit… better :D



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  • dora

    ia, salah ketik tuh mbak ^^

    love this post ;)
    terus terang aku kekejut liat mbak waktu di launching NBC di palembang. soalnya, kl liat dr foto2 mbak yg duluuuuuuuuu belom ky sekarang.hehe ;p
    sekarang gayanya “nendang banget”.hehe ;p


  • Bieb

    krn aq sayang sama mba’ ollie..jd aku mau kasih masukan nih mba’.
    Mba’ Ollie makin cantik. tapi mengenai pakaiannya jgn keluar dari syar’i ya.
    Aq selalu mengikuti perkembangan mba’ ollie..krn pengen juga aq contoh. tp klo misalkan celananya jd 7/8 dan lengannya cm sampe sikut, kynya ga bisa aq ikutin deh. Dan khawatirnya..yg blm mengerti jd main ikutin aja.
    Maaf ya klo kurang berkenan. :)


  • Ollie

    @Bieb, thanks Bieb. Intinya adalah untuk wearing yang kamu comfortable dan make yourself confidence. Take the best lesson from me, and leave the bad one. I am not perfect and always in learning phase. xoxo


  • rika

    inspiring mbak!
    ngga sengaja nemu blog mbak, dan langsung ku-ubek2. but I looooove this post.
    postingan ini yg plg inspiratif bwt aku.
    hmm, tapi apa iya aku mo ber-metamorfosis setaun jg kayak mbak? *rollingeyes*


  • Bence

    I never get sick of peanut butetr or chocolate though I wish I did! I love your mini pizza idea with the flatbread. I’ll have to try that out. I’m definitely intrigued by that soup too!Ashley @ Good Taste Healthy Me recently posted..


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