I’m on TV for Indosat Mobile TVC ad

Suddenly for these couple of days, my friends (from high school friends to my business partners), family (spread to all extended family), my twitter followers, FB friends, my parents friends, in short: everybody that knows me, shocked to see my presence on @IndosatMobile tv commercial. And I’m laughing hard to their various hysterical reactions.

The shooting process is not easy, especially for me who’s unexperienced with these kind of stuff. Who would have thought that for a 15 seconds ad, you should prepare for bunch of outfits (a lot of people asked why I didn’t wear my polem style, well, it’s because I can’t. I would look a lot younger and won’t fit the audience the ad will target), makeups, sets, remembering ‘the line’, expression and movement, spend a whole day to get the perfect take. But of course, all of these make a great valuable experiences.

I learned a lot from people on the set. They’re very supportive, and they work really hard. I can’t imagine working in tv industry. If you asked if I’m going be an actress :)) Well, I’m now quite happy with my writing career, so I’m not gonna switch anytime soon :))



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