Retired Before 35

“What do you mean retired? Do you really really wanted to retired… NOT WORKING at all… before 35?”

That’s my friend’s reaction when I told him that my goal is to retired before 35.

What I meant about ‘retired’ is the joy of financial freedom. That I no longer HAVE TO work in order to fulfill my expenses. I work just because I WANT TO work, not because I have to.

At @GirsinTechIDmeetup about financial planning, I met @mrshananto and I ask her about the possibility of my financial goal. She said, that basically, the concept of retired now means: your passive income can cover your monthly expenses, and of course it’s achieveable.

Wiki says, Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Ways to get passive incomes are varies. I get it from my book royalties and businesses  that I ran with partners. But of course I need more, can be from property, dividen from stocks, etc.

And I found a very interesting book that in-sync with this, it’s The Lazy Millionaire by Marc Fisher. In his book, he points out about the good habit of a lazy millionaire with passive incomes.

Habit of a Lazy Millionaire according to Marc Fisher:

  • Work less, get more
  • Effectively manage time: prioritize! Do the task that is the most profitable for you first
  • Capable to delegate and let other do the work. The Lazy Millionaire knows that 80% of the key to successful delegation is… choosing the right person
  • Have other sources of alternative revenue, especially residual
  • Always have clear objectives/goals

The book is a very great book. Seriously, you must get one!

By the way, I still have 7 more years to get more passive incomes before reaching 35. So, hopefully I can make it. I’m ready to plan it with my financial planner :D *try to erase the image of new car in my mind* :))

Geniuses often accomplish more when they work less –Leonardo da Vinci



  1. another inspirational posting, thanx Ollie! I’ll begin to think about my financial freedom plan. and it’s impossible to be happenned on my 35, maybe my 40. I hope so.


  2. What a nice post. Could’nt agree more on retired in young age. You have inspiring words here and informatif too.

    This my first time to see your blog after read your book about blogging. Wondering what is your suggestion to do good blogging. I kind of new on this blogging but very much interested.

    Thank you Ollie.


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