Spread Inspirations at Nulis Buku Club Palembang

The first time I met @dheaadyta  was at the launch of, October 2010. She successfully completed the writing in 9 days challenge along with 98 other writers. The launch of event was also the launch of 99 writers books and she came all the way from Palembang with her family to attend the event. It was a dream come true for her (and other writers that day).

Her passion in books and writing drive Dyta to immediately follow Jakarta after we held the first Nulis Buku Club (NBC). She started to organizing meetups, gather friends to meet monthly and called it NBC Palembang. And for the 4th #NBCPalembang event, I really glad to come and participate on their request.

NBC Palembang is the first Nulis Buku Club in Sumatra, and I want other cities in the west side of Indonesia look on how Palembang run the event. They have talkshow on book writing with me and Dyta, launching 5 books and inviting media + tv to come and cover the story!

In every NBC, there’s always one or two people coming far away from the venue. Yesterday, we have someone who take 2 hours journey to Palembang, someone from Jakarta (my long lost soulmate @inandatiaka :D)and other from Balikpapan :D

Every writers whose book launched yesterday got a chance to share about their book. It was a very emotional moment because for a writer, a book is not only writing result, but also a reflection of their heart. The 5 books launched at #NBCPalembang are: Belajar Lebih Bijak, PreWedding, Cerita Cinta Colongan, Mimpi & Heart Decision. I read PreWedding on my journey back to Jakarta, and I must say, I’m impressed! There are many hidden talents in Indonesia, and I know you are one of them!

Perfection is indeed a journey. I know Dyta started somewhere and now her writing and editing must have been a lot better (she already publish 3 books with And from ‘only’ a participant in event, now she’s an organizer and the gate of opportunities is now open for her and NBC Palembang, as PAL tv (Palembang local tv) has shown their support to NBC Palembang.

Congratulations team NBC Palembang, you guys has gone to the next level and set a high standard for NBC event, we from are so proud of you! Keep writing, keep inspiring!


Check complete photos of NBC Palembang on my Flickr



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