On Celebrating #OllieBday

Can’t believe it’s my birthday again! This year, I spend my birthday in Singapore with friends while attending Echelon 2011.

This year’s birthday is officially the first birthday without him. It’s been 10 years, and he’s always around. But last year, I felt like I already ‘lost’ him anyway. So, for this year, I have pretty much moving on. I felt happier. I felt like I’m at my very best condition right now, emotionally & spiritually. Surrounded by family & friends. Felt loved. More and more happier. Felt blessed on everything I do. And I’m so grateful for that.

For my birthday, I make a writing challenge on twitter with hashtag #olliebday. I give people several hours to write about the ‘invisible man/woman’ in their life that has been supporting them all these time (but left un-notice). It could be the security guy, the street seller, your cleaning lady, etc. They should talk or take inspiration/life lessons from their ‘invisible man/woman’. The results are amazing. People take it from different perspective and write it in creative way. Very proud of you all!

Thanks for participating in #olliebday writing challenge. All writings will be collected and self published at

The winner who win IDR 1.000.000 worth of books from me & is Erlina Juwita @elrights Congratulations ^-^ She wrote about her massage lady, who’s been a single parent and refuse to give up on life. Very inspiring!

My special favorite entry is from Himy in Toronto, Canada. He wrote about Mark, The Litter Guy. Read about it in Himy’s blog. To appreciate Himy, I’d like to invite him for lunch in Jakarta *grin*

A lot of people ask, what I wish for on my birthday? I want to answer it, and it’s kinda easy to predict hehe. Well, I want a life partner, a mature man, who can commit to love me in goods and bads and ready to receive much love from me.

I hope it’s not too much to ask.



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