Inspirations from My Office Girl

My #olliebday writing challenge come from my personal experience. As a writer, I always want to see someone, not solely from the interface that I see (excuse my geeky phrase -_-), but from other perspective. Because I believe everybody always has an inspiring story we can learn from, and it can be good for my writing, and of course for my self development.

So, let me share a story about my Office Girl. Her name is Susi. She works for a cleaning service company in my office building, and I hire her (thru her company) to help in my office. I see her a lot, we smile to each other and she’d greet me every time she meet me, but we never actually talk.

Then several times I see that the girl and boy who’s cleaning in my office is changing. I don’t see Susi much around anymore. Then one day, after 3 years, I finally tap her shoulder and asked to chat with her. She seemed confused but agree to sit down in the hallway with me.

From the conversation, I found out that she already become a leader in her office. She’s a boss now. She would be the person who hire new office boys/office girls. She’d teach them the ‘cleaning skill’. She’d be the person who control and manage everything. And I could see that she could handle it very well.

At first, she was afraid to take the opportunity given to her by her boss, but she took it anyway. She learned everything by doing, and perfecting her leadership skill each and every day. She actually listens to her team, and because she once part of them, she understands her team and protect their needs.

I asked what’s her plan for the future, and she said: “I want to have my own business. But meanwhile, for now, I’m going to continue doing what I do. I enjoy it. Because by working in my current office, I have more time to do some part time jobs.” She’s been working on several part time jobs to be able to save for her child’s education fund. She told me that also invest in gold. Which is for me, her way of thinking is absolutely amazing. Many Jakarta people with extravagant salaries trapped in consumptive mindset that make them tied in lots of (credit card) debts. I once was one of them. Maybe still is (consumptive) hehe.

We certainly need more women like Susi. She’s independent, willing to learn, effective   leader, a mom who care for her family, and I hope I could contribute to create and empower more powerful women in the making (like Susi) for our better future. Hope you are with me!



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