Life After Crisis

Let’s talk about life.

Lately I met a lot of people who share me their personal problems. And as far as I remember, everybody have problems.

Problems are there, not only to be solved, but also be the point of our learning process. So, if you face problems then whine, pity yourself, sulk and giving up, then it’s too bad. Because you have a good chance to use your problems as your turning point, because after falling down you have no other way but up and fly higher.

After all the drama that happened in my life, I feel like I fear nothing. Because I know I own nothing. There’s an expired code in everything. That if it’s the time to un-mine, then it’s indeed will gone.

I have completely understood that this is the road that I must take to get me somewhere. A better where.

But I still have anger and hatred that I need to work on. I’m getting there.

Now I feel like giving more of anything I have. Could be money, knowledge, love, anything… In the hope to finally get my main purpose of living.

I also tried to take logical lesson out of it as well. Just like when I asked my friend Chandler, who got hit by a grenade a year ago and survived. I asked him, what kind of lesson and value did he take from the awful life changing experience.

He look deeply in my eyes and said, “Ollie. The biggest lesson was: I need to get an insurance.”

I was laughing on the bitter truth in his words. He’s right. If God decide to give you a second chance, then your job is to be able to afford it.

Unromantic logic.

Yet now I decide to romantically live my life to the fullest, loving every moment and kicking thru hopes and dreams…

Because I simply… deserve it.



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  • valya

    tiba2 di kepala gw terlintas lagu everybody hurts – REM *loh?
    menyadari kalo ternyata bukan kita doang yang punya masalah malah bikin kita bersyukur dan berani melangkah lagi yah.. :)
    the best is yet to come, kawan! semangat! ^_^


  • SaigonNezumi(Kevin)

    Back when I was in college, my fish tank accidentally leaked unto my roommate’s notebooks. I thought he would be mad at me. He wasn’t which surprised me so I asked why. He told me, “Kevin, we all are born to die.” He felt there was no reason to get mad over small things, his notebooks would dry. Of course, the fish tank was removed a day later. :-)

    Sometimes it is good to be pragmatic when thinking about life…


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