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My Style of 4-Hour Work Week

Been eye-ing this book: The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris for quite some time. The concept of working only 4 hour every week really make me curious. It’s basically living like a millionaire. So, yesterday, I read reviews about the book and I took several conclusions.

Delegate. Automate.

I’m an entrepreneur who manage several startups. To delegate things is super important for me or otherwise I could lose a huge amount of time doing little things instead and not moving forward.

In his book, Tim suggest people to hire assistant, virtual assistant to be exact, all the way from India. He will manage every little thing for you, from business orders or appointment with friends. At one extreme point, you could even asked your assistant to appologize and send love cards to your girlfriend/wife LOL. Very cute :p

I already did what Tim Ferris suggest. I have assistants. With s. I have assistant who manage my work and schedule. Assistant who help me with content and research. Assistant who helped me in community related. Assistant who handle my personal stuff. I think I’m a little bit over delegate LOL.

Anyway, how I found my assistants? Actually, I call them using the power of wishing (The Secret, remember? :p). I put a photo of Gayle King, Oprah best friend and also her best staff, in my secret blog. I want someone like her to be my assistant: effective, smart, yet still can have a good personal chemistry with me. I also put job descriptions in detail on what my assistant should do, when I found her. Mind you, I don’t even have a budget for hiring assistant. One thing lead to another and suddenly, it works! I found her immediately and I started to delegate happily!

So, when I was away for 15 days for business and leisure trips to Dublin & Beijing, my works are pretty much handled, my tax are paid, my turtles alive, and I can enjoy my off time.

Focus on What’s Important.

It’s so easy to trapped into doing things that drained your energy but is not really important. Like checking email every 5 minutes :p

Now answer this question: what the most important things would you do if you only have 2 hours left of your life today?

Define What You Want.

Some of you will ask, “What other things should I do if I only work for 4 hours?”

Many things you could do, my friends. Tim shows a way to motivate you. List things you want: HAVING, BEING, and DOING.

What do you want to have? A new car, house, anything.

Being? Feeling peace, spiritual, feel the bliss of time flexibility

Doing? Maybe doing that social activities you’ve been wanting to do, or learning new skills and languages

All that, you can have, if you put values in your list, set target when will you achieve em, and be always inspired to fulfill the deadline.

Now, I am not working 4 hours a week, I still work (smart) as much as I want (and enjoying it), but I feel like I already have things I want enough. I feel the bliss of time flexibility, and I could do anything I want like traveling, writing and pursue my other passions. All on the age 27 and I’m happy.

When I was just finishing college, my psychic friend said I could retire at the age of 35. That time I could never imagine. But now, it’s something I could work on (and you are too).

Good luck!



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