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The Amazing February

So I wrote about my progress in January 2011. Now I want to share what’s happened in February 2011. February has been fabulous for me! Not because it’s a month of love (they say), but because I (and friends) hosted 5 events in a month! For me, who was once a painfully shy girl and never involve in any organizations or activities, this is something.

#StartupLokal Meetup v.10

It’s started with #StartupLokal monthly meetup on 10th February. #StartupLokal is an organization who gathered online business owners, investors, startup enthusiasts, every month to hear more about Indonesian startup updates, soft skills knowledge and discussion with the panelists. Me, @SaGad, @Nuniek and @Nataliardiantoare the initiators. Every month, 150 – 300 people coming to our event. One of the highly expected events of the month.

NulisBuku E-love Story #HappyWriting Book Launch

On February 12nd, one of my companies held a book launch (sponsored by Acer Indonesia). Actually we already throw the campaign of #HappyWriting for 2 weeks before the launch. 500 short stories collected, and 36 books are published from this event. My team & partners have work really hard and the event was a total success. We’re really really happy! Cheers to @byotenega @b4nch4 @okaphoto @sihijau @ninaniena

Fresh: Women, Love and Social Media

February 14th, on Valentine’s day, Fresh Forum throw a gathering with topic Women, Love and Social Media. Fresh has been around for almost 2 years. We started from a small cafe with 20 people to hundreds of people with bigger and posh venue. Our event is more to general audiences who have interest in technology world in general. We rarely sit down and plan our event in a proper way, but we rock it anyway haha… salute to my partners @caturpw @chandramarsono @pitra @ramyaprajna @pinkparis @anantya and Anggun Himawan

Girls in Tech Indonesia soft launch

So, me, @anantya @adheRiya have been talking about making a ‘girlie’ event. And because we are girls who have IT business, then we decide this should be about IT gals. So, we took the format of Girls in Tech and brought it to Indonesia, we create Girls in Tech Indonesia. February 17th, we held our first event. Around 30 people coming. All girls in tech (working or own IT company). We have a wonderful discussion, many said, so women-ly. We talked about time management, multitask, women behavior at work, listen to mbak Shinta story about her success, and even spread facial coupon from Pond’s Institute (girls love goodies) :D We love to hang out with girls and making the boys curious LOL… next events should be more fun!

Nulis Buku Club Chapter 2

Nulis Buku Club has been a long time dream of mine, who’s longing for a sophisticated kind of event for writers, where we could sit together and discuss a lot of things about writing. And I said to my partners, we have to make this work :D

The first Nulis Buku Club was held in January, inviting best selling author @TrinityTraveler (a famous travel writer) and our @nulisbuku writer @JiaEffendi. We launched a book too, #28hari by @ndorokakung & @beradadisini. More than 50 enthusiast people coming and we’re covered by JakTV.

On February, Nulis Buku Club Chapter 2 held a more intimate event. We’re in a VIP room with 20 writers-wanna-be, listening to the launch of Curhat Cinta Colongan along with the short movie and 3 soundtrack songs. I share about how to get inspiration and of course, last but not least, our beloved guest writer is Mbak @AlberthieneE the most popular biography & novel writer in Indonesia :D She was very passionate and our passion in writing burning because of her. Really grateful to have her. The discussion is fruitful and everybody’s inspired to write right away, she even ask one of the audience to write in the same book with her. What a great honor!

5 events in a month sounds ambitious. Yes, I was tired & overwhelmed at one point, but I have great partners who make it all happened, and all the positive feedback make it all worth it. Thank you, Allah. For keeping me healthy, body & mind.

See you guys on the next events!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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