What Bill Gates & I have in common

So yesterday I went to Mekar‘s office with @chandramarsono to have a private assessment on our new business together. Razz from Mekar gave a lot of useful insights on what kind of startup that investors looking for and how to make our business plan works the charm.

One of things that Razz did was identify-ing our personality strength, to see if me and Chandra could work nicely together. I must answers some questions using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), to refer to one of sixteen personality types. When I finished, Razz checked my answers and said, “You have a very interesting personality.”

Turned out, my type of personality is ENTJ (Extrovert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judgement). Razz said it’s a perfect entrepreneur type like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, etc. I was like, WOW :D Really?

He said I’m 100% extrovert. That’s amazing. I’m pretty sure I was born introvert. I struggled to communicate with people. I watched my shoes when I walked. I didn’t participate in any organizational things during high school. Well, now I think  I must pat myself on the back for this achievement hehe

So after I got back home, I do some research to get to know more about me as an ENTJ. Wikipedia said, ENTJs are among the rarest of types, accounting for about 2%-5% of those who formally tested. Woot!

ENTJs make decisions quickly, and are quick to verbalize their opinions and decisions to the rest of the world. That’s true.

ENTJs major quest in life is to constantly take in knowledge and turn that into something useful, the ENTJ will try to turn everything into a learning experience. True.

In conversation, they are very direct and straightforward.

ENTjs are very enthusiastic when starting new projects. They normally start small, gradually working their way up to bigger things. They can work very hard and extremely quickly, often working on many tasks simultaneously.

Interesting view on ENTJs & relationship

ENTJs make aggressive, enthusiastic partners who take their commitments very seriously.

ENTJs can withdraw easily from romantic situations if they get hurt. They practice complete control of their emotions and impulses if they are continuously hurt in relationships. They may not show that they’re hurt, but will dramatically change their approach to people in that regard. Later in life, the same ENTJ can realize that some people are worth every effort.

ENTJs generally look for someone who is reliable, emotionally stable and not needy.

ENTJs generally get along great with: ENFP, INFP, ENTJ and INTJ personalities, but they will be interested in any relationship that offers growth and learning experiences.

ENTJ strengths & Weaknesses

ENTJ Strengths

  • Genuinely interested in people’s ideas and thoughts
  • Enthusiastic and energetic
  • Fair-minded and interested in doing the Right Thing
  • Very good with money < I must questioned this haha
  • Extremely direct and straightforward
  • Verbally fluent
  • Enhance and encourage knowledge and self-growth in all aspects of life
  • Able to leave relationships without looking back < Amin
  • Able to turn conflict situations into positive lessons
  • Extremely high standards and expectations (both a strength and a weakness)
  • Usually have strong affections and sentimental streaks < #lemper
  • Planner, tries to prepare for everything
  • Cool headed. Able to endure lots of stressful situations and stay calm in a crisis
  • Usually don’t have many fears because they rationalize everything
  • Organized, scheduled and orderly

ENTJ Weaknesses

  • Can be self centered, arrogant or even narcissistic (ENTJs are smart and they want everyone to know it. They like themselves, sometimes too much) < haha :p
  • Can be opinionated or stubborn (might believe they’re always right)
  • Very critical about incompetency and inefficiency (especially in the work place) < This explains a lot of things :p
  • Tendency to have difficulty listening to others < I should shut my mouth up
  • Extremely high standards and expectations (both a strength and a weakness)
  • Not naturally in tune with people’s feelings and reactions < why are you crying again? :p
  • Tendency to want to always be in charge, rather than sharing responsibilities < I have to trust & delegate
  • May be slow to give praise or to realize another’s need for praise
  • Tendency to make hasty decisions
  • Make explode with terrible tempers when under extreme stress < this explains my teenage years :p

If you’re interested to know more about your personality type, I haven’t try this but you could try take test online at

Hopefully it’d help you to identify yourself or understanding your business partner and your loved one.

Have fun and  let me know which type are you!



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  • mr cendols

    salam hangat dari ENTJ, senang rasanya mengetahui ada org yg personality type nya sama secara populasi ENTJ adalah yang paling sedikit yaitu sekitar 2% dibandingkan yang lain.


  • smurfinbatik

    I burst out laughing reading this entry. I’m an ENTJ and I HAD read about the strengths and weaknesses of an ENTJ but along the way had completely forgotten about them.
    A good reminder!


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