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Okay, because today is Sunday, I’d like to write something light.

Girls have been asking me on how to look cool, even if you’re a hijaber. So, I’m going to write some fashion tips according what I’ve been doing all these times.

Many of you should have known about what’s happened in my life recently. And through the process, I lost a lot of weight. About 10 kgs. And that really what makes me buying new size of clothes and surprised myself that I could fit into Levi’s size 26 (okay, maybe now it’s 27 hehe).

Because I have to buy new clothes anyway, I decided to change my style. I tried to learn on how to shine with fashion, of course to boost my self confidence, so I can feel good and make the best first impression for everybody that meet me.

A year ago, my style would be t-shirt/shirt + jeans. That’s all. It was blah. Now, I’m going to share Ollie fashion tips!

Use something fit

When I lose weight, I always thought that my old clothes are fine with me. That’s totally wrong. It looks baggy and make me looks like I’m drowning in my clothes. Look yourself in the mirror, are you using that 1 size bigger tee you bought on sale, or you just don’t care because that’s all you have on top of your drawer? Ask your girl friends to shop with you. Let them see you in the clothes. If it’s fit, it always look good on you.

Shop smart: Mix & Match

By now maybe you already whine on how to shop more because you simply don’t have the budget. Well, I didn’t have much budget on fashion either. I do mix and match. I bought expensive basics and combine it with something I bought from Matahari or the vintage market like Pasar Senen. I rarely wear only 2 piece of clothes, I must add something like vest, blazer, jacket, or coat.

Invest in great jeans

Great pair of jeans will save your day. Make sure you have at least 1 jeans that flatter your looks. My favorite jeans are from Levi’s. And this is not a paid post hehe. Expensive jeans also make you want to lose weight immediately when it started to unfit :p

Be different

I like to shop for unique pants. That will immediately boost my appearance. People notice it immediately. Just bought something that is not the same from other people. Throw away that standard black trousers. Everybody are wearing them.

Get a fabulous shoes

In terms of shoes, I’d go for basics. Strappy shoes in nude color like light brown that will go nicely with my brown bag. Also nude color shoes in pastel pink because I like the color. Some basic black and white. And a pair of shoes to kick my mood: bloody red. All with heels, 3 inch minimum. It’d correct your posture. I only have 1 black flat shoes I wear when I go to vacation.

Get accessories

Even on a regular tee + jeans, you can boost your appearance with great accessories. Pick eye catching bangles, necklace, rings, or scarf to go with it. Also get a stylish oversized belt. It will be very useful at any circumtances. The scarf I wear in the picture below is masterpiece from @lazulisarae combining denim + batik

Choose your statement

Fashion statement it’s that one thing you want to speak thru your fashion. Maybe today my fashion statement is my flowery pants. Maybe tomorrow it’s my red shoes. Just wear a statement that make girls give you that 3 seconds look or even ask where did you buy your outfit. You have to have it everytime.

Watch for trends

You might want to browse on some fashion blogs and copied style that you love and currently IN. Like leopard prints shoes or bags :P

Be confident

Last but not least, you have to trust yourself and be confident on wearing what you choose for today. The key is feeling good. If any of outfit you choose make you uncomfortable, change it immediately and never wear it again. Because it will never make you feel good anyway. You just forgot that it ever make you feels bad.

By the way, one thing I always do when I wear a ‘wrong’ kind of outfit of the day, is just drop by at the shopping mall, go to my favorite boutique, buy a new outfit, and wear it right away to replace my current clothes. And that’s it. I feel fabulous! :D

Happy styling, girls! If you have more tips, you can add on comment box below.

Now, show me your looks!



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