It’s Over

After 7 years of relationship & 2 years of marriage, me and Anang Pradipta, have decided to divorce. All the painful process has been done and taken care real well by our lawyer.

We’re really sad for what’s happened and hope our big family & friends could understand our decision. We care for each other deeply and remain friends. All matters regarding personal life of Anang Pradipta or business side of or is no longer in my territory. You could contact Anang Pradipta directly on that matters. Also for my personal life & all my businesses have nothing to do with Anang Pradipta, you could contact me directly.

My dear friends, I understand that this is shocking to you, and for us as well. But we need you to support and pray for us the best to continue our journey of life.

Some of you would asked, What’s Happened? I thought you both perfect couple?! Well, it’s happened so fast and struck us down. I believe we were happy, until we’re not. To be frank: in life, sh*t happens. And how you handle it that matters. All possible reasons that could cause a divorce already happened in our marriage, so this is the final decision. We’ve been on a series of answer searching and we get so many lessons from this unfortunate event. That way, we’re still grateful for what’s happened and wish the best to each other so we can move on smoothly.

The next question would be, Who’s fault is this? Like I said, it’s a series of unfortunate events, so it’s really hard to point a finger to just 1 person. We both are adults and we both understood and also take responsibility of whatever actions or decision that we take in our life.

Anyway, for me, writing heals any wound, and it’d came naturally that I might write a story about our separation in a book, about how it happened and about the process of finding the answers to the crossroads.

I’m not closing down as a reminder that we once love each other so much. I’m opening a new website to write all about love & life that I learned from these past 11 months and also for new love that I hopefully will experience in the (near) future.

I love my life too much, I want to be strong, even stronger. Thank you for my family & friends that has been supporting me all these time. I can’t survive without you guys. Life is a journey, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

Once in a while I might going to need a shoulder to cry on, and I hope you, my friends, could always be there for me.

Love you all.



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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