It’s Over

After 7 years of relationship & 2 years of marriage, me and Anang Pradipta, have decided to divorce. All the painful process has been done and taken care real well by our lawyer.

We’re really sad for what’s happened and hope our big family & friends could understand our decision. We care for each other deeply and remain friends. All matters regarding personal life of Anang Pradipta or business side of or is no longer in my territory. You could contact Anang Pradipta directly on that matters. Also for my personal life & all my businesses have nothing to do with Anang Pradipta, you could contact me directly.

My dear friends, I understand that this is shocking to you, and for us as well. But we need you to support and pray for us the best to continue our journey of life.

Some of you would asked, What’s Happened? I thought you both perfect couple?! Well, it’s happened so fast and struck us down. I believe we were happy, until we’re not. To be frank: in life, sh*t happens. And how you handle it that matters. All possible reasons that could cause a divorce already happened in our marriage, so this is the final decision. We’ve been on a series of answer searching and we get so many lessons from this unfortunate event. That way, we’re still grateful for what’s happened and wish the best to each other so we can move on smoothly.

The next question would be, Who’s fault is this? Like I said, it’s a series of unfortunate events, so it’s really hard to point a finger to just 1 person. We both are adults and we both understood and also take responsibility of whatever actions or decision that we take in our life.

Anyway, for me, writing heals any wound, and it’d came naturally that I might write a story about our separation in a book, about how it happened and about the process of finding the answers to the crossroads.

I’m not closing down as a reminder that we once love each other so much. I’m opening a new website to write all about love & life that I learned from these past 11 months and also for new love that I hopefully will experience in the (near) future.

I love my life too much, I want to be strong, even stronger. Thank you for my family & friends that has been supporting me all these time. I can’t survive without you guys. Life is a journey, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

Once in a while I might going to need a shoulder to cry on, and I hope you, my friends, could always be there for me.

Love you all.



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


  • Indam

    Nggak nyangka ini bisa terjadi.
    Yang tabah ya kak ollie, jalani hari seperti kemarin ‘tetap tersenyum, semangat, ceria dan terus berkarya’.
    Saya yakin Allah memiliki rencana dibalik semua ini.


  • irwan


    Suatu hari, anakku, kau bertanya, Bunda, mengapa sebuah pernikahan bisa bertahan, dan mengapa yang lain gagal?

    Maka aku pun menjawab, pernikahan yang terus bertahan dan yang tidak bertahan hanya disebabkan oleh nyala cinta. Yang bertahan terus membarakannya dengan amunisi makrifah, gairah dan kesetiaan sepanjang jiwa. Sedang yang tak bertahan membiarkan nyala itu padam bersama redupnya makrifah, gairah dan kesetiaan di antara mereka.

    Jika kau mencintai seseorang, kau akan menaruhnya di tempat paling nyaman di hatimu, hingga setiap kali ia menatap matamu, ia temukan dirinya berpijar di sana. Kau tak akan pernah lelah belajar mengenali diri dan jiwanya hingga ke sumsum tulang. Hidupmu penuh gairah, tak abai sekejap pun atas keberadaannya. Maka sampailah kau pada keputusan itu: kau akan setia pada tiap nafas, getar, gerak saat bersamanya, hingga nyawa berpamitan untuk selamanya pada jasadmu. Bahkan kau masih berharap semua tak akan pernah tamat. Kau mendambakan hari di mana kau dan dia kelak dibangkitkan kembali sebagai pasangan, yang terus bergandengan tangan melintasi jalan-jalan asmara, di taman surgaNya…

    Itulah cinta sejati, anakku…

    Diambil dari catatan 13 Tahun Pernikahan

    Helvy Tiana Rosa

    20 Januari 2008


  • Serip Airmas


    Ya Allah….

    Ollie, turut berduka yaaa…

    Walaupun aku membenci apa yang Allah swt benci, namun keputusan untuk mencari kebahagiaan ada ditanganmu Ollie, jadi aku turut bersedih mengingat musibah ini.

    Tapi aku yakin dibalik ini semua, Ollie akan mendapatkan hikmah yang akan makin membahagiakan kamu. Amin


    Serip Airmas


  • Eref memed

    being divorce is alwasy a hard decision to make.

    maybe, this could always be something that people can learn about. whereas, loving our life too much is some time make us forget to love the one the he/she deserve.

    so sorry to hear that. be strong!


  • Muhammad Nahar


    So sorry to hear that, May God grant you and all of us serenity to accept what we cannot change, courage to change what we can and wisdom to know the difference.

    Wish you the best, Insya Allah

    I was one of participants in your workshop with Pena Lectura in 2009. I’m glad to be in the workshop.

    Hopefully you will stay strong despite all of this


  • Defi

    I’m very sorry to hear this, Ollie. Be strong, Dear. I had a divorce too, for 3 years, so I can feel what you feel. Hopefully you won’t be like me. Insya Allah, God will give you a better life, soon.


  • citra

    udah lama gak baca blog mba ollie tiba2 baca tentang ini….
    turut berduka ya mba….
    semoga senantiasa diberikan ketabahan dan kesabaran oleh Allah SWT….
    semangat mba ollie….


  • echa

    ya Allah mba ollie…baru liat update nya. 1 tahun lalu aq browsing n ktemu kisah mba ollie n suami sebelum merit. turut prhatin yah semoga mendapat ganti yg terbaik dari Nya… =)


  • CC

    I know it was so yesterday topic when i reply down this issue.. Been read n read your blog over n over again…. Ollie Sweetheart, I’ve experienced once what u’ve been troughs.. I’m getting married again ( let say its my second chance..) am I afraid? I’m terrifying .. Hahaha.. Will it survive? How long? Will he change? Or maybe its me who’ll change? Are we gonna be faithful to each other, can this love stays forever? Well..darling there are tons of question in my head that I cant answer, so does everybody I’m sure! Life is a journey, and yes u r right!, s*hit does happens..! I have one son ( adorable one!) from my first married.. He’s d one who make me stronger… And. Survive… Live is a book which written by ALLAH SWT wil.. Destiny, faith n dreams also by black disaster part! expect unexpected… That’s what it is… I’m continuing my life by thanking -almost– everything in my life… Ollie my dear… Can say much cause I know u already know how to deal with d situation.. Cause u r a smart girl! ALLAH SWT love u darling.. Hope u get the best of whatever u’ve dream of.. Xoxoxo…


  • unkaunka

    Hi Ollie! As you know, I have been slowly (more slowly these days) moving through your flickr account (from the beginning as well), passed the engagement period and also from the front. Looking at your busy life, I always have these few thoughts in my head..that something is missing in the later part of your postings. As a matter of courtesy and respect for your privacy, I have not dared to guess the events that must have passed by. Not until I saw this blog site and your posting on the closing of a chapter in your book of life.

    I must say that you have moved on very well. I have always been very fascinated with the vibrant spirit that you portray in your postings and your ever glowing smile in flickr. I am very moved and touched with your high sense of positivism! It too has given me a renewed eagerness to take all the good things in life and to overcome obstacles along the way.

    Wow!! All the best again.


  • Manoj

    I vote for number 25, Twins at the Beach. These litlte twins are like two litlte angels floating over the sand. All the pictures were beautiful, but these twins get my vote.


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