I pretty much avoid crowded place, that’s why I always ended taking holiday at prime time working days. Because simply there’s nobody crazy enough doing the same thing I did. That’s why my destination is always peaceful without much tourist.

In the event like New Year, this year I spend it at my parents house, just like any other New Year. Watching tv and fireworks. And totally forgot to count down the New Year because too busy taking fireworks pictures. And the next thing I know, it’s already New Year and remembered: damn I forgot to buy a new calendar.

If there’s a place I wanted to go for New Year, it’s New York. I’m madly in love with New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. And I thought it will be nice if I listen to it on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

I know, this is so random :D I’ll stop before you get bored. Happy New Year friends, and ¬†have a wonderful year!