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Resolusi Tahun 2010

It’s that time of the year again, where I’d check on my last year’s resolutions and went crazy because I got so many things that haven’t achieved yet hehe. So, let me review last year’s resolutions first.

My 2009 Resolutions

>> I will cook 5 recipes

Ask my mom, I never put my feet in the kitchen. I don’t know how to boiled water, cooking rice or Indomie. For my mom, I’m just an intruder in the kitchen because I’m that clueless :P And I don’t really want to learn how to cook either, because I know someday I’ll have ‘my cooking time’. And now that I’m married to Unwinged, it’s my cooking time, indeed. So:

  1. I’ve mastered cooking basic food like fried rice with so many add-ons and plugins (please excuse my geek side) and any other fried food :p
  2. I learn how to make Puyung Hai and Sapo Tahu from my sister-in-law
  3. Fettuccini Mushroom now is my speciality
  4. And some other pastas like Fusili Cream Cheese
  5. Try to mix some desert like Es Campur also ;)


So you’re only eating those in a year?? Of course NOT, silly. I hired someone who can cook for us everyday. I love hiring and managing people. I’m gonna stick to it ;)

>> I will publish 12 books

Yang ini agak ‘gagal’ karena cuma bisa nerbitin 5 buku + 1 ebook. Proses nulis yang semakin sulit karena kesibukan lain dan proses produksi di penerbit yang nggak bisa dibilang sebentar, membuat saya cukup senang dengan 5 buku + 1 ebook yang keluar tahun ini. Buku-buku itu antara lain:

  1. Trik Membuat Tampilan Blog Lebih Menarik
  2. After the Honeymoon
  3. Tak Tik Top
  4. Alfa Wife
  5. Makeover Template Joomla

>> I will create 3 more online businesses


Saya suka berdagang dan bereksperimen, dan senangnya kalau di online, eksperimen itu relatif mudah dan cepat untuk diwujudkan.

  1. ; Very mild experiment with retail product selling using blog. I create this and my friend Nanda is maintaining the customer. None of us really have 100% time for this. Nanda still working in a company, and of course me, and my crazy daily activities. But the site generating Rp 25.000.000 ++ in sales per month! We’re expecting more in 2010 ;) So, bagi yang New Year’s Resolution-nya adalah losing weight, you know where to click :D
  2. ; Since I need to come up with new online business in my achievement list, I think I can list too. Me and my husband Anang Pradipta / @Unwingedtalked about concept for weeks before contacting Aria Rajasa and Rajasa then introduce us to iCreativelabs team. They grow rapidly, and I’m very proud of @GantiBajuteam. No, I’m not GantiBaju owner, my husband is. I was just co-founding it. That means I create one more online business, right? :D

>> I will travel to 5 new cities I’ve never been to

Ah… my favorite part ^^

  1. Travel to Lampung with family and hubby and once again with my sister-in-law. It’s the first time I really visiting the city. Sebelumnya hanya lewat saja dengan bis tujuan Bengkulu ;)
  2. Bandungan and enjoying the best spa in town
  3. Enjoying Baluran
  4. Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City sponsored trip by AirAsia. Fantastic trip to Vietnam, I’ll never forget!
  5. Singapore East Coast sponsored trip by Accor Hotels & Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Singapore. A beautiful other side of Singapore that I just knew!
  6. Enjoying Lombok sponsored trip by Acer Indonesia. I love beach and always wanted to go to Gili Trawangan!

>> I will buy a house

Yes, we did it! We bought a house ^^ After 5 dreadful years of finding the right house, now we found it! It’s a tiny house but it’s in my favorite area: Margonda Raya, Depok. Before you say anything about it (from macet to jauh hehe), take note that I spent 4 years in Depok, have a relationship with my husband along the way and always wanted to stay here. The house is close to the main road, train station, close to everywhere from beauty salon, malls, bookstore, to cafe and hospital. I said close like in 10 – 15 minutes walking distance, but still quiet and peaceful as the house is in a closed town house cluster. We will move to the new house around May 2010. So excited!

Now, my resolutions for 2010 are just as simple:

  1. Mempunyai 1 keahlian baru
  2. Menambah 1 lagi keranjang penghasilan
  3. Menulis buku genre baru
  4. Melakukan lebih banyak social activities
  5. Membuat bisnis di kampung halaman
  6. Mempunyai dana darurat di tabungan

So, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Share me your blog link to it ya :) Ok deh, see you next year ;)



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