How to Behave Beautiful

Pernah nggak kamu merasa menjadi orang yang paling nggak cantik sedunia? Mungkin ini kejadian pas gebetan kamu lebih merhatiin sobat kamu, pas pacar kamu selingkuh, pas mbak-mbak di toko tas terkenal itu nyuekin kamu, atau simply karena kamu lagi down aja and lagi merasa nggak banget.

Nah, jika kebetulan hari abu-abu itu sedang terjadi, these are my ways to behave beautiful:

  • Take a Shower! Take your time. Mau luluran boleh, habis itu lanjut mandi pake sabun biar kulit lembut, cuci rambut penting, pokoknya mandi itu langkah awal yang penting banget untuk mulai menumbuhkan aura cantikmu. Males makan jangan, males mandi lebih jangan lagi! :p
  • Use Make-up. Play around! That what make-ups are made for! Lewati standar normal kita biasanya. Kalau lipstick biasa pake warna nude, coba ganti yang lebih terang dikit seperti warna merah. Try experimenting with your look using this makeup simulator or this one.
  • Change your hairstyle/jilbab style. You’ve wear your hair that way for almost a decade! Time for a change! You could experiment yourself or ask the professional at the nearby beauty salon ;)
  • Dress Up. Meskipun ‘cuma’ pergi ke toko sebelah, atau ‘cuma’ kemana lainnya, try to dress in the most appropriate & fashionable way. Once again, play around with your look. Maybe you could tweak that old tee? Or using that vintage rompi kotak-kotak? The key is mix and match! You could find some fashion inspirations on the street.
  • Red High Heels. When in doubt, red high heels could always save the day. It boosts your confidence, fix your posture, and of course, you’re one step closer to become a model (the heights!)
  • Make friends. Join new communities. Learn new language & culture. Get new skills. Be active on social networking (online and offline!). Do whatever to make new friends.
  • Be nice to people. It’s not that hard to set a simple (genuine) smile on your face and put a little effort to have more interest in other people activities. That way you could find inspirations, and also could lead you to more positive feedback.
  • Laugh. Always find the funnier person in the group. Stick to him/her for a little while. As you’re laughing hard, your face glows and your muscles relax. You just have to wait for a minute or two before someone came and complimenting you :)

Now if you’re ready to behave beautiful, you could join Lux Behave Beautiful Challenge! Jadi ceritanya Lux dan bintang film Bollywood Priyanka Chopra sedang mengkampanyekan Behave Beautiful, agar wanita-wanita di seluruh dunia mulai menghargai dan mengekspresikan kecantikannya. Untuk ikutan challenge ini caranya gampang:

1.     Point your browser to and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance
2.     Film yourself enjoying and expressing your beauty
3.     Submit your video to Lux and Priyanka at
4.     Celebrate as your video becomes part of the channel
  1. Go to dan tonton bagaimana Priyanka mengekspresikan kecantikannya
  2. Film yourself enjoying and expressing your beauty, bisa dengan mengaplikasikan tips trick di atas ^^
  3. Submit your video to Lux at dengan memberi keterangan kalau kamu tahu challenge ini dari blog
  4. Tunggu sampai video kamu muncul di chanel LuxBehaveBeautiful dan dilihat langsung sama Priyanka ^^ Siapa tahu nanti bisa jadi video favorite-nya Priyanka, kan seru tuh!

The great thing is, the first 5 reader of who submit the video will get an exclusive Lux beauty pack! Hadiah langsung loh! Jadi kesimpulannya: lebih cepat lebih baik :D Ditunggu video cantiknya and good luck! ^^

Lux packs for readers 2



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