Jakarta Bomb: The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Tragedy

9 people died and 59 people wounded on Jakarta blast early this morning. It happened not only in 1 place, but 2 prestigious with highly security alert hotels: The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott. I feel sick and don’t have to strength to do anything today. I sit still in front of TV (Which never happened before) and bear with the hot and humid weather of Jakarta, typing breaking news from TV to Twitter and Facebook. From this morning, #Jakarta, #SBY and #IndonesiaUnite have been trending topics on Twitter. Sadly, it’s for the wrong reasons.

I’ve got chances to go to JW Marriott for business meeting, and this photo above showing my coffee in the coffee shop in front of the JW Marriott Lobby. I was joking to my partner that there’s no way the terrorist could have attacked this hotel again because there’s a long path from the car way to the Lobby. Not to mention the high security protection around the area.

It was heartbreaking to see Mr Tim McKay sitting helpless with blood all over his body. It could have been me. It could have been all of us. So let’s take a moment to pray for the victims and let’s do our best to help our country back on track. One of the way is to use avatar on any of your profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with red and white flags background. Use #indonesiaunite on your twitter post to show that we refused to be defeated by terrorism. And last but not least, joing the Indonesia Unite! Facebook Page! Let’s unite!



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