Why I Return to Twitter


I know Twitter since 2007 and has been actively using it. But when Plurk came, I immediately off twit. Because then, I thought Twitter can’t accommodate several basic needs of my online presence. Check out my Twitter statistic from TweetStats you can see the down fall :D

So, what is Twitter anyway? Maybe this twit from @SittaKarina (one best-selling author) would help

Recently, I get back twitting for some reasons:

  1. Twitter have some new features. Now I can check who mention me, @salsabeela easily
  2. I’m getting updated with what’s HOT in the entire universe via Twitter Trending Topics. This can also help sensing new trends for your business. Use this Twitter search to begin researching. Actually this is how I knew about New Moon official movie poster (from RyanSeacrest of Idol twit) and about Juice.
  3. It’s getting so hype and global, I’ve get in touch with Lesley Seymour (my favorite former Marie Claire Editor in Chief), Meg Cabot (Writer), Jack Canfield (Motivator – Chicken Soup Author), Perez Hilton (Gossiper), Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Oprah Winfrey (Talkshow Host), and many more
  4. And of course some Indonesian famous name such as Roni Yuzirman (TDA Founder), Nova Riyanti Yusuf (Writer), Pandji (Hard Rock), Ika Natassa (Writer), Sitta Karina (Writer), Alanda Kariza (Writer, TCFT), Wuryanano (Motivator, Business Man), and many more
  5. Get to know more Jakarta Twitterer who has been actively twit such as Chibialfa, Avianto, KapKap, FajarJasmin, Aulia, Angel (my partner in, Zidni and many more
  6. Surprisingly @Kutukutubuku follower has grown to more than 100 followers without we’re even notice haha. Ok definitely will use Twitter to update Recommended Books, Books on Promo, and all great things from So, start following @kutukutubuku Now!
  7. I found Digsby and has been using it to collaborate all of my IMs (YM, Gtalk, FB chat), Email (Gmail, YahooMail), and Social Network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Good thing about Digsby, we can post link instantly because Digsby will create the short url version for us. Best thing about Digsby, it will give you some kind of notify if there’s a new Twit and I can add more twitter account. That means, while updating @Salsabeela I can also update @Kutukutubuku without any hassle
  8. About Twitter Vision, I wonder, maybe this is what God see from above :D
  9. RT (Re-Tweet) is huge and viral! We can copy paste other people’s interesting twit and put RT to inform the reference. To make you easier to RT my post, I’ve installed TweetMeme plugin for WordPress, you can see that little green tweet button below my post, click it :D
  10. # (Hash Tag) will help you organize tweets and easy to search. Just like tags in Blog. More info about Hash Tags here.
  11. For business owner, Twitter can do a lot to your brand image
  12. Practice my English. I’m twitting mostly in English. I’m using Bahasa Indonesia on Plurk.
  13. Extraordinary things could happened on Twitter
  14. What more can you do with twitter? Just find out yourself!

Don’t forget to follow @Salsabeela tweeps! Happy twitting!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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