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Pak Jorgen (spell: Yohan) is a reader of Jakarta Daily Photo and that’s how we met. He emailed me with photos of Jakarta in the 70’s (he worked in a scooter company back then) which I thought was precious! He loves and knows Jakarta more than anybody else I met! He then joined Flickr and making friends with some of my Flickr buddies and we’re now one happy Flickr Family :)

Pak Jorgen and his wife, Tante Susan, came to Jakarta this weekend. Me and Goldy picked them up at the airport and going straight to their hotel at Blok-M (Losari Hotel). As clumsy as we always do, we forgot where Blok-M Plaza is  :p Thank God, Pak Jorgen lead us the way haha. Pretty embarrassing and I know that we should really get that GPS sooner.

Pak Jorgen and Tante Sus has given us a lot of thoughtful gifts. He knows that I love Paris so much, he bought me an Eiffel Tower miniature he bought in Eiffel Tower, Paris! He brought me Paris postcards, Paris Map, Paris Songs on a CD (love them), he also brought me some Danish trademark, Hans Cristian Andersen book and miniature and the little mermaid miniature. He also surprised Goldy by giving him a Lego! Yaiy! :D Pak Bhakti, our Flickr friend from Amsterdam, also giving me and Goldy a nice book he got in Denmark. Pak Jorgen photograph me holding Pak Bhakti gift to ensure Pak Bhakti that I really receiving his gift hehe. Thanks a lot my friends. These gifts meant a lot to me!

On Sunday, Chandra joined us to show our guest around Jakarta. We went to Fatahillah Museum. Turned out there was a Batavia Art Festival to celebrate Jakarta’s 481st birthday. It was fun! We took pictures, hang out in Cafe Batavia where Chandra received his gifts.

Then we’re off to Ancol. Thank God, Chandra lead the way hehe. I never knew Ancol had a nice beach. Of course I knew it from Chandra and Dhani’s pictures. But I just can’t believe that it’s really Ancol, they’re talking about hehe. We had lunch at Le Bridge and drink coconut too. Pak Jorgen and Tante Susan stick with their beer Bintang :D

I’m going to have dinner with them one more time before they packed their bag and go to Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali. I wish they will have more fun in those cities. Because this lovely and romantic couple deserves it!

Meanwhile, I must really learn more about Jakarta and places of interests, because I’m no good tourist guide. Sigh.

Check out more pictures of the Kroners in my Flickr.



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  • Dayna

    Enjoyed the post, Colleen. As more people grow up emoeperwd by the web, I don’t think non-profits will have much choice if they want the competitive advantage of effective advocates, and not just workers. The going has been slow, particularly in cultural heritage professions. But the economy is forcing traditionalist organizations to take stock in their future, which is not among the philanthropic few anymore. Gen Y will need every advantage as Gen X’ers and even Baby Boomers continue to flood into new media retrograde and begin finding their voices as well.


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