10+1 Reasons Why I Love Plurk

If you like Twitter, you’ll LOVE Plurk! Plurk is from People + Lurk, basically stalking what our friends doing in form of a timeline. They also have Karma, the bigger the Karma, the more you can customize your Plurk Page.


If you think Plurk is wasting your time, think again! Here’s why I love Plurk:

  1. Easy MicroBlogging
    Sometimes you have no idea to write in your ‘real blog’. Maybe you wanted to whine about things or let people know what you eat for dinner and still get feedback from your friends immediately (lots of them gets the update as soon as you post). Plurk is the answer.
  2. They give you the idea
    Even if you don’t have anything to say, Plurk gives away the qualifier to tickle our fingers to type and Plurking. Some popular qualifier are ‘says’ and ‘is’. It’s also available in Indonesian. Just click Plurk Privacy & Options and change your Plurk Language to ‘Indonesian’.
  3. You can share easily
    Share your videos on YouTube, Photos on Photobucket and Flickr, Image from Imageshacks, easily by using the qualifier ‘shares‘ followed by the link of the page you wanted to share
  4. It’s Mobile
    You can Plurk anywhere using your mobile phone.
  5. You can use it for research
    Either you confuse what to eat for lunch or some more serious research such as customer behavior research, you can do it easily on Plurk.
  6. You can announce things
    So you just write a new post on your blog and had the urge to announce it to the world, just Plurk it! I make some announcements sometimes.
  7. They have widget for your blog
    Check out my Plurk widget at the right side of my blog. You can also have it on your Plurk profile > edit > under the widget tab
  8. You can stick with Twitter
    If you can’t decide what to choose, Twitter or Plurk, you still can post to both at once by signing up at
  9. You can Plurk from Firefox
    Plurk integrate with Firefox to make it easier for you to post or track the latest updates. Gets the extension here.
  10. You can Plurk from your Desktop
    By using it as your wallpaper :D This is for seriously addicted Pleep (Plurk User)!
  11. It’s entertaining
    You could easily addicted to it and I mean, really really addicted. You can get motivated, laughing so hard for silly things they plurk, whining, share your lunch photos, etc.

Now, just sign up to Plurk will you?! This is my Plurk Profile by the way :) See you there!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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