A Nice Surprise from Sitor Situmorang

Got a surprise in my desk this morning. A dear friend, Lisa Kunto, has send me my book, Je M’appelle Lintang, along with the signature of Sitor Situmorang, the legendary writer himself! I’m so honoured and happy to see that.

I read Sitor’s book of poetry, Paris La Nuit, long time ago and it’s really emotional, touching, and inspiring. I put a quote of his poetry in my second book, Je M’appelle Lintang, and Lisa thought it would be a great idea if she asked Sitor to sign it when they’re working together on a project. Thanks Lisa!

It’s been a year and Lisa always forgot to send the book back to me, and finally today, the waiting has ended :D

Err… this remind me to finish my latest novel soon ~.~



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  • Lisa Kunto

    Ha ha ha, I even thought you’re being rude by not saying thank you; it turned out that I was the one who forgot to send the book to you. Btw, he also said thank you and honored that you attached his work on your book! I bet he’s been waiting for your email.


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