The Power of Focus


My brother is one good example of how staying focus will ‘get you there’.

I knew it from the very beginning (I guess it’s from his Junior High era), that he’s into computer games (or console games) a lot. And because of that passion in games, he make a goal that someday he will create a game of his own.

Then he started to swim in Japanese culture (as they’re the most productive game maker in the world), enroll in one of famous IT universities in Indonesia (and doing good at 3.8 to 4.0 GPA), join the Nippon Club, going to games seminars, join the gamers community, and then making a game to finish his college (after 3,5 years studying).

My brother and team, finally finished Quasar, the team based strategy online game. And I’m very proud to hold the game’s CD myself.

A goal, really is, a dream with a deadline.

So, what’s your goal?



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