Asian Idol 2007

asian idol

Watched fabulous performances by Mike Mohede (Indonesia), Abhijeet Sawant (India), Hady Mirza (Singapore), Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia), Mau Marcelo (Philippines) and Phuong Vy (Vietnam) in Asian Idol. I knew in the first place that I’m going to watch such international quality in singing and my thought was right.

Mike Mohede, Indonesian Idol, Indonesian sweetheart, of course could steal my heart with his loveable and unique character of voice. He sang ‘Mengejar Matahari’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. Judges are thrown by his version of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. I definitely VOTE for MIKE. INDO.

Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian Idol, sing with power and superb high quality in technical way. But why is the song didn’t touch my heart? (I agree with Ken Lim, Singapore Judge). Anyway, I VOTE for JACLYN. MAL.

Hady Mirza from Singapore is a good singer, but that’s it. We need more than that for Asian Idol.

Mau Marcelo from Philippines, whose my brother told me has the most powerful voice, didn’t really showed her best. She hold herself back. I know she can do more than that.

Phuong Vy from Vietnam, pretty and lovely girl, everybody loves her, and I guess she did a great job, because I can enjoy her performances. She’s truly an entertainer.

Last but not least, Abhijeet Sawant. When he sang English song, I frowned. I knew that his voice is better than that. And he really ‘perform’ in the second song. His own Indian song, Junoon. I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. He enjoy the song, up to the beat, giving a soul on this song. I JUST LOVE IT. Watch his wonderful performance on YouTube or you can see his Junoon music video in ballad version. Eel will love this :D

Can’t wait to see who’s the winner is, tonight on RCTI! (Many guest stars! Taylor Hicks, Guy Sebastian, Alisha Chinai, Rivermaya, Agnes Monica and Peterpan)



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  • ninit

    ahahaha… sama lie.
    abhijeet di lagu pertama kurang bagus, eh! yang keduanya nendang banget :D bajunya bagus lagi… uhmmm… i love black & red.

    hady mirza won the competition… i wasn’t impressed with his second performance. i thought mike is the winner… did you see mirza’s reaction? he was surprised for sure ;-)


  • Ollie

    Haha iya Nit, habis ini gue mau cari CD-nya Abhijeet!! :D

    I intended to write about the Asian Idol winner, but since the winner is the unexpected Hady Mirza… well… I change my mind :P

    Jiewa, I’m with you! :D

    Gue nyerah aja deh sama Eel the Bollywood lover. Tapi yang jelas gue demen banget sama Junoon! Sama senyumnya Abhijeet. :D~


  • loosie

    gue terpesona bgt ma abhijeet junoon-nya kreeeeeeeeen gila padahal biasanya gue ga suka ma lagu india abis gmana gitu….eeeeh…pas liat abhi nyanyi wuiiiiiiih mantap deh !!!gue stuju klo baju dia tuh kren bgt pas nyanyi junoon sayang ya dia baru merit cape deh…… istrinya biasa aja deh tampangnya ^_^ yah tp gpp lah gue ttp nge-fans ma abhi ^_^


  • abhijeet sawant

    pokokke abhi is the best..
    malah abis lihat dia nyayi aku keranjingan cari mp3 nya di net….dan alhamdulillah aku udah dapet yah walaupun dikit aku dapetnya ..junoon versi slow dan eq shasq(nih lagu keren) ame lafzoh mein
    sekarang gua keranjingan banget ama bahasa india
    hindi language i will lear u

    ada yang bisa bahasa india nih


  • dhira

    waah..gue setuju banget ame elo-elo padhe…wlo gue dukung mike n suka sama hady, tp gue jg tergila-gila sama abhijeet,,,gemees banget lihat senyumnya itu lho..trus lagunya jonoon keren banget…. apalagi gue emang kadang suka dengerin lagu india dari filmnya sakhrukh..
    Yang mau download lagunya abhijeet cari aja di GOOGLE, ketik : abhijeet sawant, media player. pasti nemu deh…cz gue udah download semua lagunya dari album Jonoon, dijamin kalian semakin cinta sama abhijeet cz lagu-lagunya keren abiiis….. caow… ^_^


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